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Hexagon Dumbbells
Olympic Weight Lifting Barbell 6ft
Olympic Barbell 4ft.
Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 7ft with Olympic Locks

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shashank gupta

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A couple who were once afraid to do weight training, who used to be afraid to deadlift even 5 kg, today lifting heavy weights with great fun. This is what lifestyle transformation is all about, here it is not just about weight loss or weight gain and as a personal trainer it is your responsibility to bring some change in your clients lifestyle Mr Ajay Jain is our 58 year young dynamic dedicated client who's lifting 72 kgs in this picture. Medical issues - Lower back pain since last 8 years . Home training is fun , all you need is some basic equipments & a good coach. Fitbyhit
Home Trainees
Ajay Jain
A lady who was suffering from spondylitis is excited to do daily workouts today Because of the home workout, She got a comfort where She can exercise without being distracted. There was a time when she does deadlifts with 5-5 kg ​​weights, but today she does 75 kg deadlifts easily Gaining so much strength in this age is an achievement in itself. And Mrs. Sapna Jain working Daily so much on her fitness, due to which she gets a lot of help in her daily work routine.
Home Trainee
Sapna Jain

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FIT_BY_HIT is an online Fitness based shopping & Service platform that makes your lifestyle healthy and easy.

We aim to provide Seamless Shopping services to our customers which makes their shopping experience easy, simple & reliable While Promoting "Vocal for local" so that local dealers can grow their business on a virtual platform.

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